Helleborus Rosemary by Lindsey

Helleborus Rosemary isn’t your typical hellebore. Say you’re at a holiday party and everyone has on pretty dresses. All the dresses are pretty, but there is one that has a bit more to it. That would be Rosemary. She has bigger flowers, more flowers and they last for months. Yes, months. My plant started blooming in December last year and still had flowers on it, that looked good, till March! I find that amount of bloom time, for that time of year to be amazing!

Hellebores are shade to part sun loving plants that bloom in winter. They are evergreen and provide interest when much of the garden is asleep for the winter. Rosemary has big pink flowers that fill the inside of the plant. If you want to see the blooms even better, you can trim off some of the leaves to open the plant up more. This won’t harm the plant, since you’ll want to trim up most of the leaves anyways in the spring to allow the new fresh foliage to emerge. Rosemary’s plant tag says she will be a foot tall by a foot and half wide. I can tell you now, the tag lies! My plant is easitly two feet wide and a foot tall. So maybe anticipate a bit more room than the plant tag says. Rosemary would be pretty in the ground or in a pot by the front door so you can enjoy her blooms close up. Where ever you plant her, make sure its someplace you pass often in the winter months because you won’t want to miss her show!

Oh! PS- Rosemary is a deer resistant plant! Don’t you want her even more now?!

Rosemary has HUGE pink flowers!

Rosemary has HUGE pink flowers!

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