Juliet Tomato by Lindsey

Yes, I’m going to write about another tomato. It is July, so if we had had a normal June, we would be harvesting our first tomatoes! But we suffered through a dreary and damp June, so maybe August will bring ripe tomatoes! Either way, if you plant Juliet, she will provide you with an abundance [...]

Green Zebra Tomato by Lindsey

I love tomatoes. They used to be my most favorite thing in the world and than I got married. So they have to take second place to the new husband. But sometimes they tie for first! My mom says we at Remlinger’s when I was tiny, she turned her back for a minute and I [...]

Garlic by Elaine

Garlic     (Allium sativum)

Garlic is best planted in October, but it can also be planted in the spring, so I’m going to plant mine tomorrow.  Okay, I’m a procrastinator, but there are ways to work around that.  I bought the silverskin variety, which is fast growing and often planted in the spring.  The positive [...]