Heuchera Obsidian by Lindsey


Heucheras come in a HUGE variety of colors, as shown below. They add a soft, fluffy texture to garden borders and pots. Heucheras are fantastic container plants. We have a container contest here at the nursery each May. The staff all know which pot is mine because of my consistent use of Heucheras! They [...]

Helleborus Rosemary by Lindsey

Helleborus Rosemary isn’t your typical hellebore. Say you’re at a holiday party and everyone has on pretty dresses. All the dresses are pretty, but there is one that has a bit more to it. That would be Rosemary. She has bigger flowers, more flowers and they last for months. Yes, months. My plant started blooming [...]

Veronicastrum Fascination by Lindsey

I bought this plant at least 5 years ago. But within that 5 years, I have moved 4 times! I think this tolerant plant started at Greenlake with me and then spent the next 3 moves at my mom’s house. I didn’t get the gardening gene from my mother, if you know what I mean, [...]


August is a good time for lilies in the Northwest.  They are raising their beautiful faces up and gazing out into our gardens.  I’ve seen them grouped together and with other perennials and they look good.  I’ve also seen them standing alone in a bare patch of dirt and they look like they want to [...]

Echium pininana by Elaine

The Canary Islands, native home of echium

Some things don’t work out.  Growing Echium in Sammamish.  New Years resolutions.  Life.  The lava mouse.  Echium pininana is a brilliant plant, but difficult here in the Northwest.  A biennial, it produces a flower spike in it’s second year up to 18 feet tall.  This tower of small [...]

Chocolate Cosmos by Elaine

Cosmos atrosanguineus or chocolate cosmos is a fun addition to any perennial garden.  It has soft, dark maroon flowers that resemble the traditional cosmos in shape but not in bloom time.   That occurs later with chocolate cosmos, usually July through September.  It grows from a tuber to a height of about twenty four inches [...]

Weigela My Monet by Lindsey

This plant provides what a lot of people are looking for. Since most of us have smaller yards, we are searching for something that won’t be too big and dominate our yards. This petite shrub stays 18″-24″ tall! It has pretty variegated foliage and pink flowers. When the leaves first flush out in spring, they [...]

Helleborus “Ivory Prince’ By Hilary

This year we have been spoiled, the sun is out, the weather is mild and all the beautiful plants are responding. It seems everyday something new is poking through the soil or bursting with buds. I love Spring, I actually love every season, I love the changes and the beauty that each offers. Each season provides [...]

Casa Blanca Lily by Elaine

Casa Blanca is a magic lily that disappears in the winter and is reborn each spring.

Helianthus Lemon Queen by Lindsey

Lemon Queen has butter yellow flowers that bloom late in July or early August, depending on the weather. The flowers are about 4-5 inches across and bloom in sprays. They do not have a fragrance that I can smell, but it doesn’t matter. It blooms so profusely, it makes up for other “flower” features it may lack, like scent.